Changeling the Dreaming
This is a game about fantasy creatures forced to endure the unraveling effects of disbelief. Because of the very nature of this game, a lot of things are flexible. Some Storytellers interpret rules, others hold to the corebook rigidly. Because of the room for interpretation and misinterpretation, the ST, Moriganna, is the final authority. Please bear in mind:

IC Actions have IC Consequences.

It is within the ST's discretion to intervene, correct, redirect or otherwise enforce Rules and Regulations or just blatant abuse of IC versus OOC knowledge.

Character Creation
Please see the "Character Creation" section for all rules pertaining to character creation.

Banal Bunks
No, a character does not need to create a new Bunk each time she/he prepares to cast a cantrip. This is an alternate rule offered in a supplemental book. And is not in effect for Vegas in Shadow.

Changelings and their kin (the Kinain) are the only characters that have access to Glamour. They are, therefore, the only characters that can learn Arts. If a a character is a Mage, Werewolf or Vampire and have the "fae blood" merit, this does not give them the opportunity to learn Arts. They are related to Changelings but unable to make use of Glamour for such purposes, be it a dilution of their blood or the way their Awakened soul overpowers the fae blood. It's just not possible.

Having dots in Remembrance is not a way for your character to remember everything, from which fork to use at a fancy dinner to how to do the next level of an Art. The fact is, your character may never have known what it is they're trying to remember. The Mists aren't easily parted and it does take concentration. Be wary of over using Remembrance rolls. Whether or not they succeed, the Dreaming may react to that much poking and prodding.

Recognizing Kinain/Kithain
Changelings can identify Kinain through a Perception + Kenning roll. The base difficulty of this is 10 minus their level of Faerie Blood. This is by the rules found in The Enchanted. Kinain can recognize other Kinain in this way. It is easier to identify Kithain through use of Kenning. This is done through a Perception + Kenning roll as well, difficulty is 3 + Changeling's permanent banality score.

Finding a Freehold
Changelings new to the current city of play can discover the location of a Freehold by making a Perception + Kenning roll, difficulty is 10 minus the Freehold's rank score (found on the Freeholds page). One success allows a Changeling to sense the general direction of the Freehold, while multiple successes increase the ability to pinpoint a Freehold's location.

These House Rules are subject to change, and said changes will be posted on the Message Board.