Their's not to make reply,
Their's not to reason why,
Their's but to do and die
-Alfred Lord Tennyson, Charge of the Light Brigade

The War Rages On
They wage a secret war; fighting for Gaia, fighting to preserve the Wyld, fighting to survive. The garou and the other fera of Las Vegas are drawn into a war with multiple fronts: Black Spiral Dancers, Pentex. And there is no guarantee that the other supernatural creatures inhabiting Clark County will be welcoming...

The Penumbra
The Penumbra surrounding Las Vegas used to be a desolate cemetery of ramshackle casinos and forgotten shopping centers. Buildings constructed since 1980 had no resonance. The landscape was daunting and miserable, distorted by decades of rampant debauchery. Umbra passage was exceptionally dangerous. The Penumbra was spiritually plagued by a continuous war among the Triat. Jagglings bound to the Weaver and Wyrm struggled for dominance of the decadent city and its despondent populace, and the Wyld really had no presence in Las Vegas.

That balance has now changed because of the Death Bear's Tear and the Wyld Storm it summoned. Las Vegas has since become the embodiment of a concrete jungle. Even the most intimidating areas have been touched by the Wyld in some capacity. Nature does more than endure now. Somehow, it manages to prosper, coating the ravaged landscape like a vibrant blanket. Pattern Webs are still present, but they hang like snapped vines, a dire reminder of what used to be. It should also be noted that the Penumbra around Las Vegas smells like fallen rainwater all of the time.

The Penumbra around 3930 West Post Road is marginally different.

This is where Xa'ta'rac the Thunder Wyrm rose and fell. Xa'ta'rac was responsible for consuming all of the Gnosis at Bleeding Rock before leaving the former Garou Caern a tainted Wyrm Hole. 3930 West Post Road has been sealed off by the Technocracy. Xa'ta'rac managed to tear a huge hole in the Penumbra that called for a Technocratic Shockwave Contingency. Defense Generator Emplacements still encompass the manufacturing complex where the disastrous incident took place. There used to be a Void Engineer Qui La Machinae X-200 suspended above 3930 West Post Road. Solar Flare was a daunting embodiment of Enlightened Science that could be seen for miles in the Penumbra, but something unexpected happened to the ship and now it lies in a crashed heap.

If you have any questions, Aaron Card (Aaron) is the Werewolf Assistant Storyteller.