If something requires prior ST approval, it means contacting the ST before you even start writing the sheet. Applications that contain restricted elements and whose players did not receive prior ST approval will be denied.

As per Mage and Vampire STs, ghouled mages are not allowed. Ghoul characters with the Kinfolk or Kinain/Fae Blood merits/flaw, or those who want Sorcerous/Psychic paths must recieve prior ST approval from the STs of BOTH spheres involved.  Players should be prepared to justify this merit/flaw extensively; being torn between two worlds is an extremely serious matter, not something to be plopped on top of a character for 'flavor'.

Allowed Clans
Camarilla clans (Brujah, Gangrel, Malkavian, Nosferatu, Toreador, Tremere, Ventrue), Caitiff, and Anarchs from the seven Camarilla clans are open for application.

Restricted Clans
Independent Clans (Assamite, Followers of Set, Giovanni, Ravnos) and Anarchs from the four Independent clans are restricted and must receive prior ST approval.

Setite and Giovanni Anarchs are rare if not nonexistent.

Any Sabbat clans (including Lasombra-antitribu) must receive prior ST approval and are typically only awarded to players that have demonstrated trustworthiness and a level of maturity. If you are brand-new to the room, please apply and establish a Camarilla (or Independent) character before asking for permission to apply a Sabbat. Las Vegas is a Camarilla-controlled city. Sabbat who are discovered will be marked for death and hunted using all resources at the Prince's disposal (potentially OVERRIDING the "No Kill" policy of the room - beware). Independents and Anarchs should also tread carefully.

Anything above level 3 must be approved by me, prior to application. If you are interested in Generation 4 or 5, expect to answer questions about your character's sire and why someone of that blood would be in the area.

The Age background is a way for older vampires to reflect their years of activity and skills learned. It requires prior ST approval. As of the latest update to this page (04/10/09), the Age background is currently capped at 1. A character with the Age background will require an extensive and lengthy history detailing where they have been and what they have been doing since their embrace. Remember to include justifications for any special skills (ranked 3+), backgrounds (ranked 3+), or disciplines (ranked 3+).

Only disciplines found in the Vampire: The Masquerade core rulebook (revised) are allowed (Animalism, Auspex, Celerity, Chimerstry, Dementation, Dominate, Fortitude, Necromancy, Obfuscate, Obtenebration, Potence, Presence, Protean, Quietus, Serpentis, Thaumaturgy, Vicissitude).

Malkavians can choose whether they take Dominate or Dementation as their third In-Clan Discipline. 

As of the latest update to this page (04/10/09), the Status background is currently capped at 2. 

As of the latest update to this page (04/10/09), the Influence background is currently capped at 2.

Allies/Contacts/Retainers It is preferred that these backgrounds be composed of PCs (player characters). If that is not possible/feasible, then details about who and what they are should be included in the character history. Be considerate in placing allies, contacts, and retainers in positions of power. A vampire may have a beat cop as an ally or contact, but is unlikely to have the Chief of Police as either. Powerful kindred use their social networks to exert pressure and control over forces throughout the city; they do not just pick up the phone and speed-dial the mayor.

Merits and Flaws 

The following merits and flaws are restricted and require prior ST approval:
Supernatural Companion, Ward, Red List, Additional Discipline, Old Flame, Escaped Target, Failure, Bound, Primogen Friendship, Domain, Old Pal.

The following merits and flaws are banned and may not be applied for:
Child, Jack of All Trades, True Love, True Faith, Dark Fate, Special Gift, Recruitment Target.