Character Creation: Awakened Or Not, It's Still Magic
The typical mage or sorcerer neither knows nor cares about the real boundaries between Awakened and non-Awakened magic.

Mage Creation:
A wise mage seeks a balance between constant change and stagnancy, between wisdom and power. The Ascension War is a battle between extremes, with the Traditions walking the delicate Path through the middle. A misstep - overwhelming pride, carelessness, or doubt - can be fatal to a mage, and the world in general. The pride that comes with magick's vision is both a blessing and a curse. Without confidence, no mage can command her will. Without balance, the will grows out of control, dominating all within reach. The great sin of the Technocracy is not science, or even murder - it is oppression under one vision.

Sorcerer Creation:
Why bother labeling some of the less gifted, less creative magicians as "inferior" or "linear" magicians? They still do magic. Trying to create divisions is a waste of time - magicians have better things to do.