Sorcerer Character Creation:

Step One: Character Concept
Choose Concept, Society, Nature, Demeanor, and Essence.

Step Two: Select Attributes
Prioritize the three categories (6/4/3). Your character begins with one dot in each Attribute.
Rate Physical Traits: Strength, Dexterity, Stamina.
Rate Social Traits: Charisma, Manipulation, Appearance.
Rate Mental Traits: Perception, Intelligence, Wits.

Step Three: Select Abilities
Prioritize the three categories (11/7/4)
Choose Talents, Skills, Knowledges.
No Ability greater than 3 at this stage.

Step Four: Select Advantages
Choose Backgrounds: (5).
Choose Numina (5) (Paths, Rituals, Psychic Powers, Foci).

Step Five: Finishing Touches
Record Willpower (5) and Mana Pool (equal to Mana Background).
Select a Resonance Trait: Dynamic, Entropic, or Static.
Spend Freebie Points (21 +10 with a History = 31).
Choose Specializations.
Ignite the spark of life.

Tradition Societies

Akashic Brotherhood:
Philosophical martial-arists, the Warring Fists espouse a union of mind, body and spirit through personal discipline.

Celestial Chorus: The schismatic Singers desire renewal of the original One, restoring the world to a whole and perfect form with their dogmatic faith.

Cult of Ecstasy: Seeking an altered consciousness through entrancing music, dance and experience, the Ecstatic pursue liberation of flesh and soul.

Dreamspeakers: The Spirit-Talkers embody the harmonious although sometimes dangerous or terrifying ways of primal existence in concert with nature and the spirits. They follow the paths of shamans and medicine men.

Euthanatos: Drawing inspiration from Hindu beliefs and responding to the suffering of an overcrowded uncaring world, the Death men (and women) bring release to the pained and death to evil.

Order of Hermes: Rational and studious, the Wizards of the high Order of Hermes practice carefully refined formulaic magic handed down over centuries. Their magic derives from a set of forms built through rigorous application of mystical principles.

Sons of Ether: Laboratories of weird science and fringe technology embody the lunatic inspirations of the Mad Doctors, who pursue the cast-off remnants of discredited science and cutting-edge alternative systems.

Verbena: Primal and deadly, the misnamed Pagan of the Verbena delve into the primal nature of life, birth, blood and sacrifice in their communion with potent forces.

Virtual Adepts: The pioneers of a new vision for reality strive to open the minds of the Masses with their renegade actions as Hackers and virtual world-builders.

Hollow Ones: Drawing from the nihilistic corners of a dying culture, the Soulless use a hodge-podge of their own making in the pursuit of escape while the world crumbles toward Armageddon.

Technocratic Societies
Iteration X:
Through order, precision and technological prowess these visionaries straddle the line between flesh, mind and Machine. In that space they seek perfection.

NWO (New World Order): Information is reality. He who controls the information reshapes reality, and these specialists hope to save reality from its own imperfections.

Progenitors: Life in an eternal evolution. These physicians and pharmacopoeists seek the secrets of that evolution, working to bring humanity into the next incarnation.

Syndicate: Money and commerce provide progress; hence these matters of trade and influence guide the world into a safer more prosperous future.

Void Engineers: Slipping the Bounds of Earth, these pioneers stake their claim on the next world(s) while defending this one from assault.

Other Sorcerers
The Ancient Order of the Aeon Rites:
Combining the mystic threads from thousands of years of civilization, the Order's sorcerers seek out the purest original paeans to divinity in each magical practice.

Bata'a: The Bata'a represent one of the largest still living magical traditions in the world. Most Bata'a have thrown in with the Dreamspeakers. Nevertheless, they retain a degree of cultural identity far greater than that left to such splinter groups as the Templars.

The Children of Osiris: Recently, the vampiric priests of The Children of Osiris have all disappeared. Mortal members have faded into obscurity, but some whisper that the cult has merely returned to their ancient homeland and is engaged in strange activities near various ancient sites.

The Cult of Isis: Founded in service to the goddess-on-earth, the sister-wife's followers pledged loyalty to the principles of Ma'at and learned the secrets of the Ra-hekau.

The Cult of Mercury: The Cult of Mercury inherited practices directly from Greek and Roman sources. Great gatherings of hundreds of Mercurian followers granted sorcerers the ability to enact spells that assured their positions of protected wealth and political dominance.

Maison Liban: Initially, the Tremere vampire-mages moved quietly, careful not to let their nature be discovered by the Order of Hermes as a whole. It was 150 years before the Order reacted with the Massasa purge, and that violence lasted for a century.

Nebuu-Afef, The Order of the Golden Fly: A small group of warrior-mystics, each of whom had lost their firstborn child and suffered from the plagues of warning, gathered together in a brotherhood born of hatred. After years of research and experimentation, their work paid off - maybe.

The Silver Portal: The sorcerers of The Silver Portal are oneiromancers of a sort, and their power rests in dreaming trances.

The Star Council: The Star Council is a small group of composed of loose cannon intellectuals, numbering less than 50. A few of them are older discredited professors of astronomy, linguistics or physics. Others are young hackers, intent upon cracking into whatever government mainframe possesses the Holy Grail of knowledge they seek.

A character sheet with a history of at least three paragraphs gains 10 extra freebies. The ST may prompt a player for more history if it is not felt that the history warrants the extra freebies.

Freebie Point Costs
Attributes 5 Points Per Dot
Abilities 2 Points Per Dot
Secondary Abilities 1 Point Per Freebie Spent
Path 7 Points Per Dot
Ritual 3 Points Each
Background 1 Point Per Dot
Willpower 1 Point Per Dot

Spending XP
It is not necessary to contact the ST for regular XP expenditures however certain things do require approval such as raising any Path above 4. Please be responsible with XP expenditures. A character ought to have earned their new ability or Path.

Experience Point Costs
Attributes Current Rating x 4
Abilities Current Rating x 2
New Abilities 3 Points
Secondary Abilities Current Rating
New Path 7 Points
Path Current Rating x 7
New Ritual Rating of Ritual
Background Current Rating x 3
Willpower Current Rating