Do not be seen arriving or leaving Elysium.
No violence against Kindred, kine or physical object is permitted in Elysium.
On pain of death no art is to be destroyed.
Elysium is neutral ground.

The Las Vegas Art Museum
It is no secret that the LVAM is the primary and favored Elysium in Las Vegas. More often than not, the Prince can be found there. In addition, many other Toreador frequent the art museum. Due to its prominence, Who's Who of Vampire Society can be found at LVAM.

The Nevada State Museum and Historical Society
Located in historic Lorenzi Park, this location tends to be a popular Elysium for members of the Venture clan, though all are welcome as long as they obey the laws. More information on the museum can be found here.

University of Nevada, Las Vegas Libraries
Popular among the Tremere, though the University of Las Vegas has the eye of other groups as well. Younger (in age or appearance) vampires frequent this Elysium as well, blending in with the student body. More information on the university library can be found here.

Sin "Sexy Intimate Nightlife"
Popular with the younger Kindred, this nightclub is also considered prime feeding ground. Though some might consider this dangerously close to violating one of the Laws of Elysium, The Prince tolerates it as long as the Masquerade is not broken and the rules of Elysium are followed. Information on the club can be found here.