Gnosis will be allowed on a case-by-case basis only and requires approval prior to character submission.

Any Kinfolk with rare gifts, such as Gnosis, must be active in the room. Due to Gnosis being extremely rare in kinfolk, and that there is only a limited number allowed in the room, it is only fair to enforce this rule. Inactivity will result in the character being reconsidered, and the player possibly being asked to remove the Gnosis from the character in order to make room for active players who would like a chance at the rare gift.

Children characters are restricted to one (1) per player. Any character under 18 is considered a child. Children characters must be connected to a guardian, a character of another player's who will take them on as a Ward. The Guardian character subsequently receives the Ward flaw (3 pts). Please contact the ST if you wish to make a child character.

Black Spiral Dancer (BSD) Kinfolk will be allowed on a case-by-case basis only and require approval prior to character submission.

Free Lores

Kinfolk receive one (1) point of Garou Lore & one (1) point of Tribal Lore free. You do not have to take them if you don't want to.


Contacts and Allies: Keep these within reason or the character will not be approved. The heads of major agencies are not acceptable. If you wish to have a an FBI agent as a contact then that would be okay, but not the head of the Bureau.

Mentor: Having a mentor is fine. If it is going to be a powerful mentor where you expect to draw on for information then it will have to be approved and explained before playing. Anything above 3 is going to require some explaining.

Pure Breed: Some explanation of their breeding is required for characters with pure breed of 3 and above.

Renown: This background is not going to be allowed at all.

Resources: Anything above 3 must be explained thoroughly in the character history.

7 is the maximum willpower you can have at creation.

Merits and Flaws
Merits and Flaws are designed to give a little more substance to a character. It allows the character to act quirky at the wrong times and could get them into trouble. Even Merits can have their drawbacks. Keep these quirks in mind at all time while playing your character and it might make for a more interesting scene.

A character may gain an additional seven freebie points from flaws. More flaws may be added and the effects played in-game, but the character does not benefit from these flaws at the time of character creation.

If players do not play out their flaws, even when it could be detrimental to the character, then expect repercussions of some sort in the future.

Dark Fate: This is allowed but the character WILL DIE at some point. This is despite the room's "No Kill" rule. You have been warned.

Jack of all Trades: This merit is allowed for Skills or Knowledges, not both. Either Skills or Knowledges must be chosen at the time of character creation and noted on the character sheet; it cannot be changed later. This merit may not be taken multiple times to receive the benefit of both.

Supernatural Companion: The companion must be played by another player in the room.

True Faith: This merit is not allowed at all.

True Love: The true love must be played by another player in the room.

Freebie Point Costs
Attributes 5 Points Per Dot
Abilities 2 Points Per Dot
Backgrounds 1 Point Per Dot
Willpower 1 Point Per Dot
First Numina 7 Points for First Dot
Additional Levels (Same Phenomenon) 7 Points Per Dot
Second Numina or Second (New) Phenomenon 14 Points for First Dot
Third Psychic Phenomenon 14 Points for First Dot
Additional Hedge Magic Paths or Levels 7 Points Per Dot
Additional Hedge Magic Rituals 3 Points Each

Experience Point Costs
Attributes Current Rating x 4
Abilities Current Rating x 2
New Abilities 3 Points
Willpower Current Rating 
New Numina 7 Points
Raising Hedge Magic Path Current Rating x 7
New Path 7 Points for First Dot
Paths Current Rating x 7
New Rituals Corresponding Path Level x 3
Raise Psychic Phenomenon Current Level x 7
New Phenomenon 14 Points for First Dot
New Rituals Corresponding Path Level x 3

Note: In many cases it could be just as hard (or harder) to learn a Secondary Ability as it would a Primary Ability. To keep things simple, all Abilities (Secondary and Primary) cost the same XP.

When purchasing Rituals, remember that one Ritual was awarded "free" when the Path was first purchased.