-All IMC Rules and Terms of Service (ToS) apply within the room.

-The room is rated M for Mature. This means that the level of language, violence and sexual content is equivalent to that of an R rated movie. Please take all sexually explicit or graphically violent roleplay to PMs or a PR. If a staff member approaches you regarding a scene or a post, please respect the staff member's intervention. While the room is rated "M", we ask that language, sexual content and violence be appropriate to the roleplay and the character(s) involved.

-Treat other chatters and staff as you would like to be treated. Please maintain civility. No derogatory comments regarding race, ethnicity, gender, religion, etc. The room is rated M for Mature - this applies to content and the way we conduct ourselves.

-Please do not advertise other rooms while in Vegas in Shadow; in public or in PMs.


-Picture limits are 400 x 400 pixels and no larger than 50k. Please keep pictures appropriate to the character, scene and room rating. If a staff member approaches you regarding a picture, please comply without argument.

-Models must be requested on the room's message board. Using a picture in-room does not guarantee possession of the model.

-Model sharing is not required. Some chatters may be willing to share. If you are interested in a model and ask the chatter to share, they are not required to agree. If that player does not want to share and is active with that model (active for this purpose means that they have done a full scene with the specific character within the last month) then the player does not have to share the model with you. However, if the character using the model is not considered "active" according to the definition above, you may send an e-mail to and petition the staff to mediate a sharing of the model. At that point the staff would ask the player to share or do a full scene with that character in the next 3 weeks to prevent having to share that model.

-If you do not intend using a model, please put a Drop message under the thread.


-Vegas in Shadow uses Second Edition World of Darkness Rules. There are some exceptions, listed on the homepages for individual spheres or listed below.

-Initiative: roll one ten-sided die (1d10) and add a character's Wits+Dexterity score. The character with the highest Initiative wins.

-Tens are handled in this way: they are counted as 2 successes if specialties apply. We do not re-roll 10s. Since 10s count as 2 successes, it would take two 1s to nullify the successes from a 10. For example: if you roll 10, 8, 6, 1, 1...that would give you 2 successes (using base difficulty of 6). The two 1s took away the 2 successes from the 10, leaving successes from the 8 and the 6.

-Rolling in-scene with someone: it is courteous to let them know the nature of the roll. Especially if the roll could be contested. Some people are not familiar with game mechanics of other spheres. Knowing what is being rolled (and why) helps others learn. A player must have the chance to contest rolls when applicable.

-House Rules for each sphere can be found on their homepage. Please read these rules. Some affect character creation, others affect game mechanics. Submitting a character for approval that does not follow a sphere's house rules may result in a denial.

-Cross-Sphere Rules are as follows: When interested in using a Merit and/or Flaw that involves another sphere besides the sphere the character is being made for, you must speak to both of the STs that the Merit and/or Flaw involves. Example: Supernatural Kinfolk Merit, you must speak to the Kinfolk ST and the Vampire, Mage, or Changeling ST (whichever your character is) about using the Merit. Without permission from both STs, your character will not be approved.


-All characters must be applied to A character must have one paragraph of history to be approved. A character may be Test Played for two weeks prior to sheet submission.

-An additional 10 freebies will be awarded to a character that is applied with a substantive history. You do not need to ask for these freebies ahead of time. Apply the character with these freebies and the ST will contact you if there are any questions or concerns.

-Please send applications to and indicate in the subject line the character type, character name and mun name. Example: Mage - Jim Darkmagic - No1Real. Staff asks that the email contain a link to an HTML sheet, either created by the mun or one of the sheets made available by IMC.

-A character's tag must have the status listed somewhere: in progress, test play, applied or approved.

-Following sheet approval, the character sheet must be linked to the character handle. The exception to this rule are NPCs. Each ST is responsible for NPCs affecting their sphere.
Every ST has the right to ask for clarification before approval or deny any sheet that they feel is not appropriate to the room. Please be respectful of staff members when they ask questions.
Canon characters are not allowed. This includes Cain, Lady Fiona or any other character mentioned in the rulebooks.

-Please keep track of your XP on the character's sheet or via a link on the sheet. XP expenditure (what, when and how much) must also be recorded. Some XP expenditures may require ST approval. Scenes that occur in a PR should not be posted on the Message Board. A scene must take place in the room in order for it to be considered valid. An exception being if a scene turns incredibly violent (or otherwise inappropriate for the room). The scene may be finished in a PR but a solo from one (or all) of the characters involved is expected to be written and posted in the room, detailing the events.

-Character Businesses - Must be approved by the pertinent ST. A Mage wishing to have a business requires approval from the Mage ST, for example. Just as Holdings or Nodes are approved by the ST, businesses must also be approved. You may not post a business on the Message Board until the business is approved. You may apply for a business at the time of character creation (you must include a description of the business) or at a later date, by emailing the staff email. Please do not post businesses on the message board until the character/business has been approved.

-Character Death - At this time, Vegas in Shadow is a "No Kill" room. Unless stated by the player of a character, all scenes are considered non-lethal. Please do not use this as a means to avoid consequences. IC Actions have IC Consequences. Godmoding and metagaming will also have consequences. You may not call damage on another character. Storytellers have the final say in any dispute.


-Staff, of any sphere, are still staff. Please be respectful if they intervene (whether it is in room or elsewhere). Staff are often working on the behalf or request of other chatters. As it can be difficult to mediate some situations, we ask for understanding and patience. If you have questions, please ask respectfully. Some discussions are best had in private. If you are abusive to staff, disciplinary actions may be taken.

-Disciplinary action will be taken if these rules are broken. First infraction - verbal warning from staff. Second infraction - written warning from staff. Third infraction - ban from the room, length of time to be determined by staff.

-If you have an issue with a chatter, please do not make it public. Contact a staff member if you feel the situation is serious enough. At this time, Mat & Maria are handling Conflict Mediation and Damage Control. If you have a problem with a staff member, you may contact another staff member or site staff. Please refrain from creating public scenes.

-These rules are subject to change, without prior warning. Staff will decide on rules changes and any changes will be posted on the room Message Board.

-If the current Host/Co-Host(s) should no longer be associated with Vegas in Shadow, all information, including webspace login and password, HTML, images, and all will be forfeited to the appropriate member of the Vegas in Shadow staff. (The above note has been included as per IMC's requirement on Supported and Featured Private Rooms and Public Rooms.)