Please pay attention to the House Rules. If you submit a sheet that does not follow these rules, it is grounds for the character to be denied. Restricted things require ST approval BEFORE sheet submission. If you have any questions, please contact Aaron Card.

Restrictions Revisited
There are some things that are restricted for the sake of simplicity. Werewolf has a wide arrangement of tribes, gifts, rites, merits and flaws- in general, a lot of things that can overcomplicate a system that involves more people than a close-knit table top group. Playing with a small group of people means there's a small number of player characters to keep track of and involve in the plot. Not so in an online setting. This is the main reason anything is restricted. Other things may be restricted based on rules or other logistical reasons. If there are any questions, please ask the Shifter ST, Aaron Card.

Allowed Fera & Hengeyokai
Ananasi, Bastet, Corax, Garou, Kitsune, Ratkin

Restricted Fera & Hengeyokai
Gurahl, Hakken, Khan, Mokole, Nagah, Nezumi, Nuwisha, Zhong Lung

Not Allowed Fera & Hengeyokai
Ajaba, Apis, Camazotz, Grondr, Rokea, Same-Bito

Allowed Tribes
Black Furies, Bone Gnawers, Children of Gaia, Fianna, Get of Fenris, Glass Walkers, Shadow Lords, Silent Striders, Silver Fangs, Wendigo, Uktena

Restricted Tribes
Black Spiral Dancers, Red Talons, Ronin, Stargazer

Not Allowed Tribes
Bunyip, Coatan, White Howlers

Characters over rank two are practically legendary. They should have an appropriate history. Deacon Alexander is a good example of what Lee expects. Contact him for a copy of his history. Everyone is measured by the same criteria.

Rank can be gained in-character (IC) as well. The ST uses a recipe of common sense and general room presence. Book mechanics simply don't work in an online game. Just AIM Nemaine when you feel like your character has accomplished enough to warrant further renown. An IC challenge is necessary. Additionally, no character will ever advance in rank if all they do is sit around hitting on kinfolk. You can have a million XP and maximum charisma. Sorry.

Your character should be rank two or higher in order to have a deed name. They can always have a pack name but not a deed name. Those are only given out for remarkable feats. Such deeds usually become reasons for rank challenges.

Rank 0
Rank 1
Rank 2

Rank 3
Rank 4

Not Allowed
Rank 5
Rank 6

Background Note: Rites
Please select rites using this scale:

1 Point: 1 (Level 1)
2 Points: 2 (Level 1) - 1 (Level 2)
3 Points: 3 (Level 1) - 2 (Level 2) - 1 (Level 3)
4 Points: 4 (Level 1) - 3 (Level 2) - 2 (Level 3) - 1 (Level 4)
5 Points: 5 (Level 1) - 4 (Level 2) - 3 (Level 3) - 2 (Level 4) - 1 (Level 5)

Background Note: Pure Breed
Pure Breed is not a measure of how many people want to sleep with your character. Sorry. Pure Breed is literally an indication of how close said character resembles legendary heroes (or villains) physically, mentally or emotionally. I really discourage people from using Pure Breed as mere padding. The social dice bonus is ridiculous. Three points and higher should have a detailed lineage:

1 Point: 1 Generation.
2 Points: 2 Generations.
3 Points: 3 Generations.
4 Points: 4 Generations.
5 Points: 5 Generations.

Freebies and History
From the ST: I do not mess around with secondary abilities and fractional costs. Too many people abuse secondary abilities by looking up words in a thesaurus for cheaper versions of identical, established skills / talents / knowledge. If you want more specialization, cool. The point cost is not discounted.

All characters are allowed to spend 15 freebie points. 10 additional freebie points are available if a respectable history is submitted.