The Technocracy has several facilities in use throughout Las Vegas. Most of them are in plain sight of the masses.

University Medical Center
Originally the first Technocratic Construct based in Las Vegas complete with its own Primal Battery, University Medical Center is the home to Amalgam USLV001 and USLV002.

The UMC headquarters is formed from a large, subterranean bomb shelter built in the 1950's and later decommissioned and abandoned. It is a self-contained environment with appropriate facilities, and is also connected to the hospital complex.

The headquarters consists of three levels (only one originally, but was later expanded upon through efforts of Biomechanics and Q Division); Level One contains administration: Reception, Operations, and offices, including that of Magdolyn Bard, the construct Supervisor. Level Two contains the laboratories and workshops housing scientists and engineers, as well as a small garage and tunnel shaft granting vehicle access from the surface. Level Three contains storage, accommodations, and environmental support systems.

Agents accessing the construct typically do so through the Hospital. All local personnel are assigned identification cards that allow them to pass through all levels of the hospital and reach the protected elevator and stairwell.

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