Death - the last sleep?  No, it is the final awakening.
- Walter Scott

Las Vegas is a Camarilla controlled city, though there are the occasional problems with the Sabbat. So far, things have been kept in check by the Prince and his council.

The Prince of the city is of the Toreador Clan and perhaps because of this and the nature of the city itself, the Toreador have a good deal of sway in the city. Members of all Clans are present, though the Gangrel tend to be few and far between. Caitiff are allowed in the city, but they may find themselves being watched closer than they like and are not trusted.

Any Sabbat in the city that get too out of hand and make themselves too known may find themselves being on the wrong side of a hunt by the Prince. It is rumored that the Prince has put together a group of Vampires that he sends out when he suspects Sabbat activity, to clean up the mess. The last "Hunt" to take place was October 31st of 2006. During that hunt, the Brujah Primogen was killed. Many people suspect that this was not because he had Sabbat connections, but because he was the one speaking the loudest about the Prince.

Mat is the Vampire Storyteller.