Pentex is responsible for a lot of the social decay in Las Vegas.

They have made it a point to saturate the despondent populace, but people still don't casually know about Pentex itself. What they do know are the names of companies managed by the global conglomerate. Thousands of ordinary men and women interact with them daily. They sell what people want by telling them what they need. It's an insidious methodology that encourages senseless consumption and shocking waste.

Pentex is basically untouchable in the age of corporate-sponsored media. Additionally, they have spent decades exploiting deplorable law enforcement wages. The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is full of spiritually tainted personnel. Challenging Pentex legally or socially is a dangerous endeavor and likely fatal.

Magadon Incorporated is the largest Pentex subsidiary to operate in Las Vegas. In a city where glamour is more important than substance, Magadon Incorporated has made a considerable fortune manipulating the shallow and dumb. They have a corporate compound in Las Vegas that is more secure than a military base. Buildings are composed of steel and black glass. They're also enclosed by a large electric fence made of concrete and razor-wire. The latest in surveillance technology is strategically located for sustained coverage. Security personnel are well-trained and exceptionally geared. There's even an on-site power generator.

In the Penumbra, the compound is a menacing Blight. Scryer monitor the bleak landscape and Gaia's Realm all the time. Suspended in the air, these Banes resemble heaps of tissue that are covered in blood-shot eyes. Approaching Magadon Incorporated from the Penumbra is exceptionally dangerous for Garou. Bitter Rages are in abundance. They are an invisible terror, more like an infectious disease than something tangible.

Management of Magadon Incorporated in Las Vegas is nameless and faceless. There are never less than seven people seated on the executive board but they seem to change like the minute hand on a clock. However, the company mission statement never does.

Laurente Kravchenko used to be a rare exception to the general rule. While technically not an executive, Laurente was general counsel for Magadon Incorporated since 1980. There was a gruesome scourge hidden under the surface of his charismatic fa'ade. Among the Garou, Laurente Kravchenko was better known as Winter-Fell. Once an Elder Silver Fang Philodox of House Austere Howl and the Moon Lodge, Laurente was infamous across Eastern Europe. His plummet from grace followed a moment of extreme pride when he challenged the Incarnae for ascension. Winter-Fell demanded the same venerated status as Falcon and was cast away for his untenable arrogance. Laurente's shame and exile led him to the Temple Obscura in Malfeas. He became a dangerous Black Spiral Dancer and Alpha of Lux Aeterna, which used to dominate the Las Vegas Protectorate until the Garou brought their reign to a bloody end.

Gideon J'ger used to be another notable Black Spiral Dancer attached to Magadon Incorporated. Claw-of-Ba'ashkai was responsible for leading the only Pentex First Team in Las Vegas. Chopping the Blinds had a notorious reputation. Trained in guerilla warfare, Gideon's First Team assumed the ominous role of culling the Garou, especially those unfortunate enough to encumber Magadon Incorporated. Chopping the Blinds was also used for corporate espionage and political assassination. They had access to the latest in military hardware through Nastrum Enterprises.

Chopping the Blinds was a legally recognized component of Immigration and Customs Enforcement. They never operated alone and Claw-of-Ba'ashkai was the only constant team member. Gideon's past is a secret but he did come from Israel where he spent time in the Mossad. Claw-of-Ba'ashkai was Beta of Lux Aeterna until he fell in combat during a raid on Hidden Meaning. He was responsible for the execution of Vengeance-of-Winter. Deacon Alexander used to be a Silver Fang Athro of House Gleaming Eye. Chopping the Blinds was obliterated during the same raid.

Chopping the Blinds has been replaced by Dead Money. It operates under the command of a Euthanatos named Valik Alexandrov. Officially, Valik is a Senior ICS Project Manager for Pentex AQD. He was dispatched by the Board from Moscow to address the Las Vegas situation. Unofficially, Valik is responsible for cleaning up the mess caused by Laurente Kravchenko. There is now a standing policy among Magadon Incorporated to remove any Black Spiral Dancers from their local corporate structure.

Additionally, beneath the legitimate veneer of conducting research and development for Magadon Incorporated, lies Panacea Pharmaceuticals. Operating from a secure wing at the Valley Hospital Medical Center, Panacea Pharmaceuticals is the reason why organ trafficking is a profitable trade on the black market. They harvest the unsuspecting populace like sheep for use in reprehensible science experiments. There are grotesque Organ Clinics located inside Herrick grocery stores and O'Tolley fast food restaurants across Las Vegas.

Street Surgeons wander dark alleys every night searching for defenseless prey. These deranged men and women are followed by Psychomachiae as they sneak about in bloody medical scrubs. Bone Gnawers are aware of the danger facing the general populace. The homeless are especially vulnerable.