Maria is the Mortal ST.

Please follow the basic character creation rules found on this page, making note of restrictions and limitations mentioned. Sheets that do not follow House Rules will not be approved.

Step One: Choose Concept, Nature, and Demeanor
Demeanor - This is a one-word description of how the character portrays themself to others. Examples include, but not exclusive to: Autocrat, BonVivant, Bravo, Judge, Loner, Trickster.
Nature - This is a one-word description of your character's true outlook on life. Examples include, but not exclusive to: Fanatic, Gallant, Masochist, Rebel.

Step Two: Select Attributes
Attributes start with one dot.

Prioritize the three categories: Physical, Social, Mental (6/4/3).
Choose Physical Traits: Strength, Dexterity, Stamina.
Choose Social Traits: Charisma, Manipulation, Appearance.
Choose Mental Traits: Perception, Intelligence, Wits.

Step Three: Select Abilities
Prioritize the three categories: Talents, Skills, Knowledges (11/7/4).
Choose Talents, Skills, Knowledges.
Secondaries cost the same as primary talents, skills, and knowledges.

Step Four: Select Advantages
Choose Backgrounds (5).

Allies: Your friends, whether they're human or otherwise.
Contacts: Who you know, primarily in human society.
Mentor: Someone who advises you. (Anything over 3 dots must be explained thoroughly in the character's history)
Resources: Your personal wealth and possessions, also your regular income. (Anything over 3 dots must be explained thoroughly in the character's history)

Restrictions and limitations:
Allies: If your character has any allies worth mentioning, they should be played by another player.
Contacts: Who and where is something that will need to be defined about contacts.
Fame: Explain why you have the fame rating that you do.
Influence: Anything over 2 will need prior approval.
Resources: Anything 3 and higher needs an explanation.
Status: No higher than 2 without prior ST approval.

Step Five: Finishing Touches
Choose Virtues: Conscience, Self-Control, Courage (7)
Virtues start with one dot.

Record Humanity (Conscience + Self-Control). 8 is the maximum humanity you can have at character creation.
Record Willpower (Courage). 7 is the maximum willpower you can have at character creation.
Spend Freebies (21) plus history freebies (10) for a total of (31) freebie points.

Merits and Flaws
A character may gain an additional seven points from flaws. More flaws may be added and the effects played in-game, but the character does not benefit from these flaws at the time of character creation.

Restrictions and limitations:

Children characters are restricted to one (1) per player. Any character under 18 is considered a child. Children characters must be connected to a guardian, a character of another player’s who will take them on as a Ward. The Guardian character subsequently receives the Ward flaw (3 pts). Please contact the ST if you wish to make a child character.

Jack of all Trades: This merit is allowed for Skills or Knowledges, not both. Either Skills or Knowledges must be chosen at the time of character creation and noted on the character sheet; it cannot be changed later. This merit may not be taken multiple times to receive the benefit of both.
True Love: The true love must be played by another PC.
Werewolf/Supernatural Companion: The companion must be played by another PC.
True Faith: Not being allowed at this time.
Dark Fate: Not being allowed at this time.
Ward: Must be played by another PC.

Freebie Point Costs
Attributes 5 Points Per Dot
Abilities 2 Points Per Dot
Virtues 2 Points Per Dot
Humanity 1 Point Per Dot
Backgrounds 1 Point Per Dot
Willpower 1 Point Per Dot
Paths 7 Points Per Dot
Rituals 3 Each

Experience Point Costs

Current Rating x 4


Current Rating x 2

New Abilities

3 Points


Current Rating x 2


Current Rating x 2


Current Rating

New Path

7 Points


Current Rating x 7

New Rituals

Rating of Ritual

Note: In many cases it could be just as hard (or harder) to learn a Secondary Ability as it would a Primary Ability. To keep things simple, all Abilities (Secondary and Primary) cost the same XP.